Pesticide Spray Advisory

St. John's Region, Newfoundland

Newfoundland is the ONLY Atlantic Canadian province with no pesticide protection.

Current regulations are not providing enough protection.

Years have passed with no
provincial pesticide control to monitor pesticide use... In 2008 there were only two pesticide control personnel for the entire province... These positions were empty.  There are now 4-5 enforcement specialists for the entire province.  Many times these specialists are unavailable. 
Governments have the responsibility to protect their citizens.

Over 80% of Canadians are protected from these poisons.
Children should be free from pesticide exposures while walking to school.

People have a right to be safe in their homes, free from pesticide exposures.

No one should be expected to leave their home to avoid pesticides conversely; no one should be kept a "prisoner" in one's home in order to avoid landscape pesticides.

Effective pesticide bans recognize that the proprietary interests of commercial businesses should never take precedence over the health of the public.

There are clear economic advantages to a "clean and green" province.
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The Pesticide Spray Advisory is free public service.  This advisory reports the daily weather conditions as forecast on Environment Canada's website  between 6:30am and 8:00am for the St. John's Region.  The daily Pesticide Spray Advisory also includes the weather regulations that prohibit pesticide use as well as tips and hints based on federal & provincial regulations. 


Since 2004, the Pesticide Spray Advisory is provided as a service to governments, applicators and individuals to offer awareness of the regulations surrounding pesticide use.  Because of the inclement weather in Newfoundland there are very few days when pesticides can be legally applied.  Pesticide applicators must follow all Provincial, Federal and Municipal regulations.   These regulations have been put into place to provide minimal protection for our health, the environment, the operators and the public at large.


The Pesticide Spray Advisory and this website will offer public education and assist the public in understanding how to ensure that these regulations enforced until such time our government sees fit to protect us entirely from the dangers of these toxic substances.  Our government should be by following the advice of the many heath care professionals by prohibiting use of synthetic pesticides and promoting alternative lawn and garden care for the protection of our citizens and the environment.


The daily advisory will run from June 1st and will conclude on October 1st, however the information on this website will be maintained year-round and pesticides are often sprayed outside this time frame. 


Federal, Provincial & Municipal governments are responsible for regulating pesticides. The federal government, through Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, is responsible for registration and classification of pesticides. The provincial government is responsible for ensuring those pesticides are used in an environmentally acceptable manner as outlined under the province’s Pesticide Control Regulations and Municipal Governments can place additional by-laws to further restrict pesticide use to protect their local citizens and the environment.  Learn more about the different levels of regulations by clicking on the links to the right.


Feel free to browse this site to find out more about pesticides and how you can help!


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The Pesticide Spray Advisory is offered by individual voluntary efforts and is compliments of:
J. Squires
Freelance Writer, Researcher
& Environmental Educator
(Researching pesticide issues since 1999)
All information is sourced and backed up with links.


If your media organization would like to offer coverage of the Pesticide spray advisory or If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail


My Safe Garden

Many people feel they can not achieve a beautiful garden without pesticides.  This is ludicrous.

Have a look at my low maintaince garden right here in Newfoundland which has never seen a poison and is home to birds, bees, butterflies.  I have been told by local real estate agents that my garden has increased my property value by more than $20,000.  It took some time to prepare the garden but once I established the plants I have little work to do.

I spend less than 5 hours each year caring for my garden.  I seed with grass and clover every spring, rake off any dead grass, mow 3 to 5 times a year and lime in the fall.  That's it.  Do I have bugs...yes, a few but nothing problematic.  Do I have weeds?  Not a dandelion but many wildflowers and green plants including clover.

Do I have a healthy garden?  You bet.  And I don't need to spend time fussing over my garden with a clover lawn like emerald crushed velvet and the many hardy plants in my rock borders.

 Have a gander: